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4 Best and Favorite Games Recommendations for Elementary School Children

Parents often feel worried when giving smartphones or tablets to children, especially to children who are still underage.

In fact, when children play games, parents are afraid that the game contains elements of violence, pornography, or even other criminal behavior.

So, is there a game that is completely free from these negative things so that it is suitable for children to play?

Well, here's a solution for parents who always worry when choosing games for their children, there are some educational games.

Blog Tentang Tekno will provide 4 recommended games for elementary school children that are very educational.

Here are the four lists!

1. Educational Game for Kids – Math


Educational Game for Kids – Math is a game with the aim of educating children, especially elementary school children.

In the game, Educational Game for Kids – Math is more focused on math subjects.

Players will be given a variety and variations of different math problems in English.

So, this one game not only gets math lessons but can also hone children's English skills.

Not only that, Educational Game for Kids – Math also provides different stages or levels.

Maybe in the early stages it's just an addition, but at the next level you will find some math problems that are more difficult for elementary school children

2. Baby Panda's Body Adventure

Unlike the previous games that offer math educational games.

This time Baby Panda's Body Adventure is here as a game for elementary school children with the concept of knowing the parts of the human body.

So, this Baby Panda's Body Adventure game will provide knowledge about all parts of the human body.

This game presents a game for children to know the body parts from the mouth to even the internal organs.

Of course, this Baby Panda's Body Adventure game will not be boring.

The reason is, the child will be asked to carry out several missions to find out the parts of the body and their functions.

Isn't it fun?

3. Educational Games, Memory

If your child is bored playing educational games, such as math or doing questions, then Mom can offer Educational Games, Memory games to children.

The reason is, this Educational Games, Memory game presents a game which will train children's memory skills.

Of course this game will present it in an interesting game.

Players will be asked to remember items, look for different images, and many other fun games.

Educational Games, Memory also offers 3 different levels, namely easy, medium, and hard.

4. Basic Math Games for Kids: Addition Subtraction

If this one game is ready to educate about math problems.

In Basic Math Games for Kids: Addition Subtraction there are many types of math problems

Which is suitable for elementary school children to learn, from addition, subtraction, multiplication, to multiplication.

This game is also not boring, because the players will play mini-games combined with math problems.

Not to mention, the interface with animated cartoon graphics is sure to make children feel at home playing this game.

Invite your children to play while learning with Basic Math Games for Kids: Addition Subtraction, come on!

Well, it's a few recommendations for games for elementary school children who are fun and educational.

These seven matches for elementary school children are not just ordinary games. This educational game will help children learn and achieve brilliant achievements.

Come on, invite children to play all the games above!

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